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Developing muscular endurance

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The longer the drill the more effective it will be in developing cardio vascular fitness. This type of fitness is commonly considered a result of keeping the heart rate at 60-85% of maximum for a minimum of 30 minutes. Longer drills help keep the heart rate elevated and minimise downtime when the student is not working. Regular pad work performed at 60-80% intensity will help develop aerobic fitness.

Muscular endurance

The repetitive nature of longer drills stresses the muscles as they have to perform techniques repeatedly with less rest. Training longer combos will develop the muscles ability to keep going when working at near maximum intensity.

The build-up of lactic acid, which is experienced as a burning feeling in the muscles happens when performing longer combinations. Over time the body adapts and can buffer the lactic acid in the muscles meaning the fighter can continue at high-intensity for longer. Good muscular endurance is vital in martial arts and especially in fighting as poor muscular endurance makes the hands drop, the punches weaken and the kicks slow.

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