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Interception Drills for Boxing, Kickboxing & MMA

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Intercepting an opponent’s attack is one of the hardest skills to develop as it takes great special awareness. Interception is all about timing your strike to land at the precise moment when the opponent steps into range. Strike too early and the technique falls short, strike too late and the technique is jammed and only partially effective. Bruce Lee believed interception was the highest level of skill and so named his martial art “Jeet Kune Do” which means the way of the intercepting fist. If it is good enough for Bruce, it’s good enough for me.

Interception jab

The pad holder holds up the pad out of distance and steps into range prompting the striker to execute the jab at the right time to contact the pad.

Interception cross

Exactly the same process as the jab drill but the intercepting technique is a cross.

Intercepting front kick

This technique is particularly effective against a charging opponent who keeps moving forward in a straight line to attack. As the pad holder moves into range the knee is bought up and a front kick used to push them back. This drill is very popular with Thai Boxers who use a foot jab or “Teep” to keep their opponent at bay.

Advanced Interception drills

Block and counter

The previous drills work as the opponent steps forward in preparation to strike. But sometimes the opponent will strike at the same time as they step forward. In this case it is necessary to block and strike back at the same time.

Cover hook and jab

In this drill the pad holder initiates a left hook to the head and simultaneously holds up the right pad allowing the hitter to cover the hook and jab at the same time.

Cover hook and cross

This is the same as the previous technique but the pad holder lands a right hook to the head whilst holding the left pad up enabling the hitter to cover and cross at the same time.

Cover hook and hook

The pad holder throws a left hook to the head and places the other pad on the inside of the left bicep. This means the hitter can block the pad and perform a left hook at the same time.

Cover hook and uppercut

Once again the left hook is blocked by the hitter and a left uppercut landed at the same time. This technique can also be done on the other side with the hitter blocking a right hook and executing a right uppercut.

Cover kick and jab

The pad holder kicks to the body with a left round kick whilst the hitter simultaneously covers with their right arm, steps to their left and jabs.

Cover kick and cross 

This time a right roundhouse kick is delivered by the pad holder who at the same time holds up the right pad. The hitter tucks their elbow tightly to their body and steps forward into the kick minimising its power and throws a cross at the same time.

These drills are best practised in isolation as both partners need to know what to expect or injuries may occur. Run through each interception technique for a 2 or 3 minute round.

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