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Liver Drills

Posted by Matthew Chapman on

The liver is a large blood filled organ on the right-hand side of the body under the lower ribs. The liver is extremely sensitive to impact, kicks punches and knees to the liver are all equally effective. It is extremely difficult to continue fighting after a clean shot lands to the liver. It hurts so bad that all you can do is lay on the ground in a foetal position gently moaning. For this reason it is therefore worthwhile working combinations that target this area.

Liver Combo 1 (Boxing)

Liver combination 1 is a boxing combination that mixes punches to the liver with punches to the head. A jab is thrown at eye level to distract the opponent while the left foot starts to slide forward into the left. As the foot plants in knees bend and a right cross is thrown to the liver followed by a left shovel hook to the liver. This shovel hook is an uppercut/hook that travels in a 45° direction upward through the body. As soon as the shovel hook lands the hand is retracted and a left short hook thrown to the head. A right hook is then thrown to the other side of the head and the body is dipped to the left for another shovel hook. This combination is very effective as it mixes punches on different levels and encourages powerful body mechanics.

Liver Combo 2 (Muay Thai)

Liver combination 2 is a Thai boxing-based combination. It starts the same as liver 1 with a fake jab being thrown high followed by a left step cross to the body and a shovel hook to the liver. The left hook is also thrown to the head but his followed up with a left switch knee to the liver. The partner is then shoved away and a double left kick thrown to the liver.

Liver Combo 3 (Kickboxing)

This sequence is from kickboxing. As with the previous two liver combinations it starts with the same punching setup. A fake jab is thrown, a left cross and shovel hook to the body followed by a left hook to the head. The momentum of the left hook is followed through into a spinning backfist, a right jump cross is executed and as soon as the feet touched the ground a left roundhouse kick is directed at the liver. This combination is a little more technical and will require lots of repetition to perfect.

During pad work the pad holder will only need to call liver 1, liver 2, or liver 3 in order have the fighter apply these combos.

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