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Dutch Muay Thai Glove Drills (Video Download)

Dutch Muay Thai Glove Drills (Video Download)

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The Dutch added a unique twist to traditional Muay Thai by including more boxing techniques, adding body shots, angles and fakes. 

So I spent all day filming and editing "Dutch Muay Thai Glove Drills" and it's now ready.

This video covers:

  • Dutch Glove Drill Basics
  • Boxing Glove Drills
  • Unique Dutch Striking Combos
  • Parry Series
  • The Dutch Rolls
  • The Split Series
  • Dutch Hand Traps
  • Setting Up The Low Kick
  • Low Kick Follow Ups
  • Teep Counters
  • Teep Fakes
  • And alot more

Check out the clip above to see one of the drills.


Mittmaster Matt

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