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Mittmaster Kickboxing Collection (3 Video Downloads)

Mittmaster Kickboxing Collection (3 Video Downloads)

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Kickboxing has been one of the most popular martial arts of recent times. Its great for fitness and simple to learn. The Mittmaster Kickboxing Collection contains 100's of kickboxing pad drills suitable to students and coaches. The collection contains:

Download 1: Mittmaster Kicking Drills 1: 

Essential kicking drills for beginners and intermediate students. The download includes:

  • Basic kick combos
  • Chained kick combos
  • Shin check returns
  • Multiple kicking
  • Missed round kick follow ups
  • Stomp kick
  • Kick sectors 1-8
  • Countering punches with kicks
  • And lots more…


Download 2: Mittmaster Glove Drills

The second video in the collection covers glove drills used in kickboxing clubs around the world. It includes:

  • Glove Drill Warms
  • Boxing Combos
  • Jab Catch Drills
  • Liver Series 1-3
  • Shoulder Roll Flow Drill
  • Kick Matrix
  • Corner Survival Drill
  • And lots more


Download 3: Mittmaster Kick Shield Drills

The kick shield is a very useful tool to develop both kicks and punches. This download covers many classic and new ways to use the kick shield with your clients. It includes:

  • Different types of kick shield (the different types of kick shield and how to use them)
  • Basic Kick combos (basic power kicking combinations)
  • Intermediate kick combos (advanced kicking combos for experienced students)
  • Stop kicking (how to stop an aggressive opponent from moving forward)
  • Kick sectors (learning the right time to kick to maximise range and power)
  • Pivoting drill (getting off line and landing a powerful counter kick)
  • Chasing kick drills (how to chase someone down)
  • Kick shield and focus mitt (mixing the mitts and kick shield)
  • Chopping the tree (power low kicking drills) 
  • Punching the kick shield (developing punching power and endurance on the shield)

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