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Mittmaster Filipino Boxing Drills 2 (Video Download)

Mittmaster Filipino Boxing Drills 2 (Video Download)

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The Filipino striking arts are unique in the world of martial arts because they are based on weaponry, so are very direct and powerful. This video covers a ton of new material taken from Filipino martial arts including kick destruction's, forearm shots, slapping, throws and arm wrenches.

This video is a great resource for students of Filipino Martial Arts and for instructors looking to add some self-defence material to their sport kickboxing/ MMA classes.

Full contents:

  • Filipino Boxing Strikes. More advanced strikes particular to Filipino Boxing
  • Kick destruction's. How to destroy and opponents kick and enter after 
  • Stomping. Stomping is a powerful way to damage and disable an opponent's legs.
  • Slapping. The open-handed slap is on of the most under-utilised weapons in martial arts. Learn how to make it effective
  • Wrenches. Anytime an opponent attempts to clinch they expose their arms to wrenches that done right can break and dislocate bones
  • Dirty boxing. A whole bagful of sneaky tricks you can use in close to win the fight
  • Filipino Boxing throws.Powerful ways to throw an opponent down that work well with boxing

This is a great follow up video to Filipino Boxing Drills 1. Enjoy

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