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Mittmaster Boxing Drills 1 (Video Download)

Mittmaster Boxing Drills 1 (Video Download)

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Mittmaster Boxing Drills 1 covers all the core drills required to develop solid fundamental boxing skills. The emphasis is on drilling good technical form whilst using correct body mechanics. 
Here's a breakdown of whats on the video
  • Stance (defensive/offensive)

Everything starts with a strong, stable stance. Here we look at two basic boxing stances, one for defence and one for offense

  • Numbering system

The numbering system allows you to create infinite pad combinations. It also speeds up pad training as it is quicker to call numbers in sequence than techniques. 

  • High percentage Boxing Combos

Certian boxing combinations have proved themselves as the most devastating time after time. This section focuses on teaching you the high percentage knockout combinations that have finished fights.

  • Jab Catch drills

Next we start to investigate defence against the jab. In jab catch drills we also start to work on developing good timing in defence and offence

  • Shoulder rolls

Shoulder rolls happen when you get countered half way through a combination. In this section we look at several follow ups off the shoulder roll

  • Slipping the Jab and counter striking

Once basic defences are mastered it necessary to learn how to slip and counter. This makes your striking ten times more effective as you are able to counter as you evade. Essential drills for sparring.

  • Simultaneous block and hit

Sometimes you have no choice but to block a punch and follow up off the block. These drills show you simple powerful combinations to land after you block a punch 

  • Pocket Drills 1, 2, 3

The pocket drills was a drill I learnt from coach Greg Nelson. It involves "stating in the pocket". That is using evasive head movement whilst staying in range to counter. Its very useful for shorter fighters who need to stay close to land

  • Smashing the liver

The liver shot is the most painful punch in boxing. If you've ever been smacked in the liver you will know what I mean. There is no way to continue once a liver shot has landed cleanly. For this reason the liver shot should be in every boxers arsenal. Here we look at 4 different ways to land the liver shot.

  • Close Range / Dirty Boxing

Usually the most uncomfortable place for most people to be. Up close and personal. You need to know the key techniques in this space or you will get beat up. Here I share loads of drills and tips to improve your inside game. And a few really dirty tricks!

  • Countering the southpaw

Southpaws are a pain in the ass ( I should know, im a southpaw). In this section I look at several essential concepts needed to counter the southpaw. If you don't know these things then you on your way to getting beaten up. 

  • Paddle drills

Paddle drills are a really good way for coaches to hold for fighters and not get beaten up. Years of holding focus mitts can play havoc with your elbows and wrists. Coaches: Protect yourself by learning how to use the paddles

As you can see there is a ton of top quality information on this video.

Get it now and learn to punch like a pro....

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