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You are! Well, I have the answer for you.

Over the past few years, I've been creating pad drill lesson plans that I use to teach classes at my school. I've recently spent a lot of time re-editing them and have now linked them to my Mittmaster videos.

The software I use for allows me to set up a subscription service. This lets me send out PDF's and videos monthly So here's my subscription service.


When you join up every 30 days you will receive access to:

  • A full 60 minute Mittmaster video you can download and keep.
  • A 4-6 page PDF summary of the video contents that you can print out and use.
  • Four detailed weekly lesson plans based on the core drills on the video

This will continue month on month, till one of us dies! (ha ha only joking, you can cancel at any time).

This will make it much easier for you to teach Mittmaster drills at your school.

The lesson plans break down all the drills and techniques and structure them in a logical, sequential manner, making it easy for your students to learn.

It will also make lesson planning a breeze.

You can literally print out the lesson plans, put them in a folder, pull one out, and teach a class straight from it.

Each detailed lesson plan includes a class objective, warm up drills, partner drills, bag drills and of course lots of focus mitt drills.

You can watch the video and then use the lesson plans with your classes, private lessons and students. This service will definitely make your life easier.

This subscription service is also very useful for training your staff. Once they are familiar with the Mittmaster system you can show them the video, give them the lesson plans and off they go.

Of course, you can also edit the content to make it work with your style/ syllabus.


Can I cancel?

Of course at anytime

And If you want to cancel, you can cancel at anytime and keep all the videos, PDF's and lesson plans. No worries


To Summarise Every Month You Get:

  • A new 60 minute mittmaster video
  • A 4-6 page PDF breakdown of the contents and drills on the video
  • 4 detailed lesson plans covering the core drills and ideas from each video


Click the link below if you are interested in trying it out for FREE (please remember you can cancel at anytime and keep all the material).


Try it out for 30 days FREE...

And i'm offering you the chance to try this out for FREE. Once you join you will receive the first month's video, the summary and four lesson plans immediately for FREE.

Here's what you will get with your FREE trial:

1. Mittmaster Level 1 video download (which you can download and watch at anytime)

Here's what's in this 60-minute video:

  • Numbering system. The unique Mittmaster numbering system for Boxing, Kickboxing & MMA
  • Chaining Drills. How to chain the basic numbers together effectively
  • Eight Boxing combinations. High percentage boxing combos that work 
  • Integrating the uppercut. How to add the uppercut to your padwork
  • Double pad trigger drills. Trigger drills based on two pad positions 
  • Punching variations (jab, cross, hook & upper cut). How to add variations of the basic punches.
  • Kicking variations (front, round, side) Developing variations of the basic kicking techniques
  • Covers & Counters. Block and counter drills
  • Slips & Rolls. Developing evasive head movements
  • 2,4 & 6 count kickboxing drills. How to integrate kicks and punches correctl
2. A 6 Page Summary PDF of all the drills on the video (which you can print out and use
as a reference)
3. Four Lesson Plans based on the video (which you can use to teach the drills in your classes)


All you need to do is sign up via the link below (there is NO CHARGE for the first month).




After the first month, if you want to continue getting a new Mittmaster video, summary and four lesson plans every month, it's only £19.99 a month.

(And if you don't want to continue, just cancel your subscription in PayPal before your month trial is up, no worries)

You can, of course, cancel at anytime

Try it out for FREE here:


Mittmaster Matt