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Mittmaster Matt here. Thanks for ordering your free pad drill ebook.

I have sent a copy of the book to your email address.

If you don't see it there please check your junk file or promotions tab (if you use Gmail) as it may have been sent there by mistake.

In the meantime, I have a very special offer for you. The ebook you will receive is packed full of detailed technical pad drills for boxing, kickboxing and MMA, but the best way to learn the drills is via video.

Video allows me to share lots more information including:

  • The exact position of the pads
  • The correct distances
  • The timing of the pad drills
  • The transitions that make pad work smooth
  • Plus I go into far more detail explaining the concepts, strategies and drills used by elite pad holders.

 For this reason, I have a special one-off offer for you today. 

I'd like to offer you are FREE one month trial of the Mittmaster Vault.

The Mittmaster Vault is where I host my best video content.

Once you join up you get instant access to 20 Mittmaster Videos:

  • 4 Boxing videos
  • 4 Kickboxing/ Muay Thai Videos
  • 4 MMA videos
  • 4 Filipino Boxing videos
  • &
  • 4 bonus seminar videos


Check out this video which takes you on a tour of the Vault

 After you 30 day trial if you want to keep accessing the Mittmaster Vault it costs only £9.99 / $14 per month and of course, you can cancel at any time.

Get your FREE 30-day trial here:


Mittmaster Matt