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Filipino Boxing Drills 3

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Filpino Boxing has made a resurgence recently due to the fact that many of the techniques can be used in MMA.

It's now very common to see high-level MMA fighters using Filipino Boxing techniques like destructions, arm wrenches, stomps and hammers.

My new video "Filipino Boxing Drills 3" covers advanced pad drills including:

  • My NEW improved destruction drills
  • The shoulder roll series I learn from GM Richard Bustillo
  • Stalling drills to stop your opponents punch before it begins
  • Baiting your opponent to strike exactly where you want
  • Using the elbows to counter punches
  • Traps & counter traps
  • Triangle footwork and pivots
  • Lock flows with a Mittmaster twist (that makes them far more functional)
  • and alot more
This video is not only a great resource for students of FMA but also for Kickboxers and MMA students looking to add an extra element to their game.

You can get this download at a discounted price for the next 72 hours by clicking the link at the top of the page

If you've already got Filipino Boxing Drills 1&2 this will complete the set.

If you haven't got the first two videos you can get all 3 Filipino Boxing videos at a discount for the next 72 hours by clicking the link below.

This collection ALSO includes my Knees & Elbows video and a FREE bonus seminar video of my coach Anton St James teaching Filipino Boxing (this is REALLY good). 


Thank you

Mittmaster Matt