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Head Movement Drills Level 1 (Video Download)

Head Movement Drills Level 1 (Video Download)

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As you know head movement is an essential skill in any striking system. If you can't move your head effectively you will eat a lot of punches which makes you ugly, kills brain cells and hurts alot as well. 

My new video "Mittmaster Head Movement Drills" focuses on the structure and systems I use to teach my students to develop elusive head movement.

This system takes a new student step by step through a series of drills designed to develop great head movement as fast as possible. 

The first part of the video looks at basic head movement mechanics and includes:

  • Head movement concepts
  • Safety Zones
  • Side to side
  • Metronome
  • 45 degree slips
  • Shallow & Deep Slips
  • Weaving
  • Tight Roll
  • Ducking
  • Snap back
  • Shoulder roll variations
  • Slip combos
  • The lateral weave (an advanced technique from Ghost Elusive Fighting)
The second part of the video covers the drills I use to apply the techniques and includes
  • HM shadowing
  • Return the same
  • Noodle drills
  • The Terminator drill
  • The Darlek drill
  • The Zombie drill
  • Bob Breen's chair slip drill
  • 3 tap drill
  • No hands drill

This video is PACKED full of tips and drills designed to elevate you and your students head movement. 

Special launch price of only £14.99/ $20 for the next 72 hours. 


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