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How to double your punching power (Video Download)

How to double your punching power (Video Download)

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"How to double your punching power" is now available.

This first video in my "Performance Series" focuses on the five core concepts required to maximise the power of any punch:

  • Drive. How to drive from the floor correctly to maximise weight shift
  • Weight Shift. The correct way to shift your weight into every punch
  • Rotation. Multiply force through correct rotation
  • Alignment. Make sure you dont lose any power from poor joint alignment
  • Intention. Focusing your entire being to strike with power

The video explores how to use these five "power" principles to massively increase power in your cross, hook and uppercut punches. Essential viewing for anyone who wants to know how to hit harder whilst maintaining great technical form.

And also very useful for coaches looking to pick up details on how to teach their students how to hit really HARD. 

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