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Mittmaster Advanced Pad Drills (Video Download)

Mittmaster Advanced Pad Drills (Video Download)

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This video focuses on Advanced Pad Drills for experienced pad holders.

This video is best suited to people experienced in the Mittmaster System. The drills on this video focus on advanced pad drills where the pad holder and hitter are both working at the same time so experience and pad skill are required to get the best from this download.

The video contains:

  • Chaining drills to create advanced pad combinations
  • The overhand series where we look at different ways to utilise the overhand punch
  • The round kick series. a complex multi part drill where you focus on applying and defending round kicks
  • Multiple kicking drills. How to strike in combination with the feet, without putting the foot down
  • Counter Sectors. These are the most advanced boxing pad drills I teach. Learn pad drills on how to counter the counter
  • The kick matrix is an advanced kicking drill where you practice and counter basic, intermediate and advanced kicking combinations.
  • Elbow Blitz. The elbow blitz is a devastating elbow combination that covers all your angle of attack with the elbow.

I would recommend this download for people experienced in holding pads and those familiar with the Mittmaster system. Definitely not for beginners. But perfect for advanced pad holders looking for new drills for their elite students.

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