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Mittmaster Advanced Pad Drills Seminar (Video Download)

Mittmaster Advanced Pad Drills Seminar (Video Download)

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This video is a recording of a seminar I taught at my school for my black belt students on advanced pad drills. The content is appropriate for experienced pad holders who are familiar with the basic pad positions, drills and combos. The video covers 

  • Boxing combos & rolls. How to throw three punch combinations and roll out safely to avoid counters
  • Slipping & hitting. Drills to encourage the pad hitter to slip and counter quickly
  • Sectoring. This is the ability to slip and counter with the most effiecient strike 
  • Sub Sectors. Sub sectors happen when your opponent does something to counter your sector. 
  • Clearing the guard. Ways to get the opponents hands out the way to strike
  • Spinning six count. An advanced kick & punch drill that includes spin kicks
  • Switching six count. A way to switching leads without losing a beat
  • Jab catch drills. Pad drills that focus on defending & countering the jab
  • 25 punch pad kata. An advanced pad dexterity drill that includes all the possible angles of attack
  • Boxing fakes. Faking skills that work in boxing, kickboxing and mma
  • Multiple kicking. How to kick with the same leg repeatedly without losing balance
  • Spin kicking drills.How to set up and execute advanced spinning kicks
  • and more…

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