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Mittmaster Body Snatchers (Video Download)

Mittmaster Body Snatchers (Video Download)

  • £17.99

Let's get this straight it SUCKS when you get hit with a decent body shot.

You want to curl up in a ball and suck your thumb.

My latest video covers over 30 ways to land a fight stopping body punch, knee or kick.

It includes:

  • Choosing the right target
  • The dangers of body shots
  • Singles to the body
  • Boxing combinations to the body
  • Muay Thai combinations to the body
  • Kickboxing combinations to the body
  • Three ways to draw the elbow away from the liver
  • Body shots in the clinch
  • Using the low kick to set up the body 
  • Brutal body kicks that will put your opponent down
  • And five unorthodox body strikes you won't of seen before
This sixty-minute download is available at a discount for the next 48 hours so order now before the price increases, order now:


Mittmaster Matt
PS. I hope you enjoy dropping your friends with these combos