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Mittmaster Boxing Drills 2 (Video Download)

Mittmaster Boxing Drills 2 (Video Download)

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This download follows on from Boxing Drills 1 and starts to build head movement and footwork skills into the basic techniques. As you know its all very well being able to hit hard but its alot harder when someone is trying to hit you back.

Good evasiveness is vital to stop you taking unnecessary shots and keep you in range to counter. This video focuses on more advanced pad drills with the emphasis on footwork and movement. The download includes

Metronome Slip & Rip. Basic head movement skills to keep you safe on the way in

Body Blitz. How to break the opponents body with a sustained assault

Curving step. Getting to the side of an opponent gives you a massive advantage in timing and speed. This drills teaches one way to move quickly to the opponents side

Beating the parry parry drill. How to time your punches to counter an opponents parry

Punching on the retreat. It is vital to be able to hit hard whilst moving backwards. This drill teaches you a structure for retreating and firing back at the same time

Boxing counter sectors. Slipping and countering is a fundamental skill all boxers need. This series of drills covers counter attack options as you slip the punch

The Bolo punch. A seriously powerful variation of the uppercut used to finish an opponent

Cutting over punches. An advanced counter attack method used by taller to fighters who have air superiority.

Glove & Pad Drills. A simple way to make your pad training more like sparring

and plenty more…

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