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Mittmaster Class Drills (Video Download)

Mittmaster Class Drills (Video Download)

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If you are a martial arts instructor or school owner you NEED this video. It is packed full of the pad drills I use every week in my schools to keep my students excited, engaged and coming back week after week.

I personally use every single drill on this video to keep my classes fresh, exciting and fun for my beginners right through to black belts and beyond. This video is packed with pad drills you can use in your classes tonight to help keep your students challenged and focused. 

Here's whats on the download:

Basic Technical Correction Drills

1. Retraction drill
2. Elbow down drill
3. Head on pad drill
4. Tennis ball drill
5. Returning foot drill
6. Hip pop drill
7. Wobble pad drill
8. Non telegraphic drill
9. Pinch drill

Class Conditioning Drills

1. Standing, kneeling, laying drills
2. Circling drill
3. Through the legs drill
4. Up, side & down drill
5. Minnesota Shuffle drill
6. Bag & pads
7. Sumo push drill
8. Hop punch drill

Defensive Drills

1. Return the same drill
2. One hand up drill
3. Stick & pad drills
4. Rhythm drill
5. Elbow up drill
6. Dizzy drill
7. Rhino drill
8. Switch step drill
9. Interception drill
10. Timing drills

This video is packed full of fantastic pad drills that will keep your students excited for months and as you know an excited student keeps training. So get it today.

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