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Mittmaster Boxing Sectors (Video Download)

Mittmaster Boxing Sectors (Video Download)

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Sectoring is a concept I learnt during my JKD training. Simply put it involves slipping a punch and simultaneously countering. Sounds simple enough right?

Well it’s not because it requires you to immediately recognize which punch is coming and then select the right response to counter based on your position, momentum and distance.

Sectoring is a very advanced concept that I typically only teach to my black belt instructors. This video covers the 8 fundamental sectors and then teaches 24 technical variations called sub-sectors which are designed to counter an opponent’s defence.

Like I said this is very advanced material and the information on this video usually takes my black belts several years to work though and master. It also dramatically improves their boxing and sparring skills because they have a logical system for slipping and countering.

If you are an accomplished pad holder or martial arts instructor i would strongly urge you to get this video. This is my most advanced and technical video to date, it is packed with drills you can use with your advanced clients/ fighters immediately. downloads

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