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Mittmaster Fighter Drills 1 (Video Download)

Mittmaster Fighter Drills 1 (Video Download)

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If you train fighters in martial arts, kickboxing or MMA then this video will help your fighters be more effective and efficient. Fighting skill should be based on strategy, technique and execution and this video covers the core concepts needed by fighters in all combat sports.

This video includes:

  • Ring craft. How to move effectively around a ring or cage. And how to cut an opponent off 
  • Low risk, high speed techniques. The best techniques to start a fight with so you don't risk getting knocked out immediately
  • 6 Corner escapes. 6 ways to get out of a corner quick
  • Bridging the gap. Ways to cover the distance between you and the opponent safely
  • Creating false distance. Trick an opponent by creating a false perception of distance
  • Exiting safely. How to get out from close range without taking a shot
  • Clinching when rocked. What to do when your bell gets rung
  • Zoning away from power. How to counter the power of a heavy hitter
  • Riding heavy shots. How to dissolve the power of a heavy strike
  • MMA specific pad drills. Key drills for MMA fighters
  • Countering the 5 types of fighters. Do you know the 5 types of fighter and how to counter them???
  • Fight specific conditioning. The key fitness drills needed to get you in fight shape
  • And more….

If you are fighter or coach fighters you need to know these drills to maximise your chances of winning! Get this download today.

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