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Mittmaster Filipino Boxing Drills 1 (Video Download)

Mittmaster Filipino Boxing Drills 1 (Video Download)

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The Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) are considered some of the most effective empty hand systems in martial arts because they focus and causing maximum damage as quickly as possible. This download covers the basics of Filipino Boxing including:
  • Basic Strikes. The basic striking methods used in FMA
  • Using the hammerfist. One of the secret weapons of FMA, The hammer!
  • Hammer drills. How to add the hammer to your boxing arsenal
  • Destruction’s. Ways to damage an incoming strike quickly
  • Elbow entries. Using the elbow to smash your way into close range quickly
  • Body manipulations. Turning and twisting your opponent so they can't hit you
  • Scooping. Using the hands to open up an opponent to your strikes
  • Foot traps. Sneaky tricks to keep your opponent immobile
  • Filipino kicking drills. Ways to attack the legs and groin whilst boxing
  • Lots more

This is a great video to get if you want to make your boxing skills more dirty and effective.

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