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Mittmaster Footwork Drills - Level 1 (video download)

Mittmaster Footwork Drills - Level 1 (video download)

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“The quality of a man’s technique depends on his footwork, for he cannot use his punches or kicks effectively until his feet have put him in the desired position.”

Bruce Lee

This video focuses on the core skill of any martial art: footwork

The download covers all the fundamental footwork drills in the Mittmaster system. It includes:

  • Footwork fundamentals
  • Linear footwork drills
  • Lateral footwork drills
  • Diagonal patterns
  • Curving and circling techniques
  • Retreat drills
  • Footwork patterns
  • Freestyle footwork training
  • How to punch & kick with correct footwork

This video also comes with a FREE 10-page ebook covering essential footwork concepts and drills.

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