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Mittmaster Kick Shield Drills (Video Download)

Mittmaster Kick Shield Drills (Video Download)

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The kick shield is a staple tool in most combat gyms. It allows for full power development of kicks, knees and punches. However many instructors are unaware of the full number of drills that can practiced with a kick shield. This video aims to cover as much material as possible using this fantastic piece of kit.

The full video covers:

  • Different types of kick shield (the different types of kick shield and how to use them)
  • Basic Kick combos (basic power kicking combinations)
  • Intermediate kick combos (advanced kicking combos for senior students)
  • Stop kicking (how to stop an aggressive opponent from moving forward)
  • Kick sectors (learning the right time to kick to maximise range and power)
  • Pivoting drill (getting off line and landing a powerful counter kick)
  • Chasing kick drills (how to chase someone down)
  • Kick shield and focus mitt (mixing the mitts and kick shield)
  • Chopping the tree (power low kicking drills)
  • MMA sprawl drill (using the kick shield for MMA training) 
  • Punching the kick shield (developing punching power and endurance on the shield)

So if you've got a big pile of these gathering dust at your gym, get this video and learn 20 ways to use them in your classes now.


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