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Mittmaster Kicking Drills 1 (Video Download)

Mittmaster Kicking Drills 1 (Video Download)

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    The ability to kick effectively is one of the key skills in martial arts. Kicks generate far more force than punches are are therefore important to utilise both in martial arts and self defence scenarios. This video covers core kicking techniques and concepts that can be applied in any martial art. 

    The video contains:

    • Basic kick combos. The basics of kicking
    • Chained kick combos. How to kick in combination effectively 
    • Shin check returns. How to block and low kick and return fire immediately
    • Multiple kicking. Ways to kick several times with same foot
    • Missed round kick follow ups. What to do when your first kick misses the target
    • Stomp kick. A nasty self defence technique designed to injure
    • Kick sectors 1-8. Learn the right time to kick to cause maximum impact
    • Countering punches with kicks. How to kick a boxer
    • And lots more…

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