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Mittmaster Kicking Drills 2 (Video Download)

Mittmaster Kicking Drills 2 (Video Download)

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This video follows along from Kicking Drills 1 and focuses on improving kicking skill and defence. Once fundamental kicking skills are developed it's necessary to add more variety in attack to create unpredictability. This video aims to increase kicking skill and tighten kick defence. 

The full video covers:

  • Catching kicks. How to catch a kick safely and follow up
  • Sweeps. Take a person off thier feet quickly
  • Cut kicks. Combine a catch with a sweep
  • Jump spin kicks. Advanced kicks to add unpredicatebilty
  • Using the kick-shield, kick paddle and belly pad. Etra tools to improve kicking skills
  • Savate kick counters. Advanced counters from French Kickboxing
  • Kicking from the floor. Powerful ways to kick from the floor if you end up there
  • Riding kicks. How to reduce the impact of an opponents kick
  • And more…

A brilliant video if you want to improve your kicking skills and develop effective counters

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