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Mittmaster Knees & Elbows (Video Download)

Mittmaster Knees & Elbows (Video Download)

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This video covers how to effectively drill and use knees & elbows. Because of their sharp bony nature knees and elbows are considered some of the most destructive weapons in martial arts. For example anything an elbow hits it will damage. This video looks at how to develop solid striking skills with these tools and how they integrate to cause maximum damage. 

The full video covers: 

  • Basic knee and elbow mechanics. How to strike powerfully with these sharp weapons
  • Knee and elbow combinations. How to combine knees & elbows for maximum effect
  • Countering boxing with knees and elbows. How to counter punches with knees and elbows
  • Elbow flow drill. A striking flow drill that covers all your angles of attack
  • Blocking knees & counter with the elbow. How to crush knees with your elbows
  • Blocking the elbow and counter with knee. And how to counter elbows with knees
  • MMA knees. Specific considerations for MMA knees
  • Clinch drills. How to clinch & knee
  • Using the “head”. A great tool for developing accuracy with your elbows

This video is perfect for the person looking to improve these powerful short range techniques


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