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Mittmaster level 1 (Video Download)

Mittmaster level 1 (Video Download)

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MittMaster Level 1: Core Drills

Mittmaster Level 1 covers the core drills of the Mittmaster system. These are the fundamental drills upon which everything else is built. If you are looking to get the best from the Mittmaster system, this is where you need to start.

All the drills on this download are essential if you want to truly understand the complete Mittmaster system. 

The video includes:

  • Numbering system. The unique Mittmaster numbering system for Boxing, Kickboxing & MMA
  • Chaining Drills. How to chain the basic numbers together effectively
  • Eight Boxing combinations. High percentage boxing combos that work 
  • Integrating the uppercut. How to add the uppercut to your padwork
  • Double pad trigger drills. Trigger drills based on two pad positions 
  • Punching variations (jab, cross, hook & upper cut). How to add variations of the basic punches.
  • Kicking variations (front, round, side) Developing variations of the basic kicking techniques
  • Covers & Counters. Block and counter drills
  • Slips & Rolls. Developing evasive head movements
  • 2,4 & 6 count kickboxing drills. How to integrate kicks and punches correctly

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