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Mittmaster Level 2 (Video Download)

Mittmaster Level 2 (Video Download)

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MittMaster Level 2: Intermediate Drills

Mittmaster Level 2 builds on the drills developed in level 1. This video contains more advanced drills suitable for intermediate students and experienced pad holders. The focus of this video is on simultaneous slipping & countering, trapping, fakes and using other pieces of kit like the belly pad. 

This level requires higher technical skill both from the pad holder and hitter. If you havent watched Mittmaster level 1 I advise you to view it first.

This video includes

  • Sectoring. And advanced concept where you slip & counter simultaneously 
  • Pulling traps. How to pull an opponents hands away to strike
  • Pushing traps. How to push the guard away to strike
  • Wedging traps. Ways to pin the hands in place and strike
  • Slipping and ripping. How to slip laterally and counter
  • In and Out drills. Distance development drills
  • Faking techniques. Fakes increase you chances of your strikes landing cleanly
  • Kick Sectors. Learn the right time to kick 
  • Belly Pad drills and combos. Drills that use both pads and the Thai Belly pad

Watch Mittmaster level 1 first.

Then get this video to develop your skills and add new techniques to your arsenal.


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