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Mittmaster Elite Drills (Video Download)

Mittmaster Elite Drills (Video Download)

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MittMaster Elite Pad Drills

This is an advanced pad drill video, best suited for experienced coaches and instructors who are familiar with the Mittmaster system. The focus of this download is to add increasing technical complexity to pad training so that pad holder can bring out the best in advanced students. All the drills on this video are challenging and demand technical excellence to be performed correctly. 

The complete video covers:

  • Rhythm drill. A high repetition conditioning drill to developing punching stamina and skill
  • Pad stalls. How to stop an opponent throwing their next punch or kick
  • Baiting techniques. Ways to make an opponent throw the punch you want them to throw
  • Compound trapping. How to combine two or more traps
  • 25 punch combination. A mammoth pad training drill that includes all your possible punches and angles of attack
  • Sectors 1-8. Advanced slip[ping and hitting drills
  • In the pocket. A close range slipping & rolling drill to keep you in the pocket
  • Close range boxing drills. Toe 2 Toe boxing drills for close range skill development 
  • Roundhouse kick series. A kick and punch combination that develops kicking attack & defence
  • And plenty more…

Get this video is you have held pads for years and are looking for new drills to add variety and complexity to your pad training. 


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