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Mittmaster Levels Collection (4 Video Downloads)

Mittmaster Levels Collection (4 Video Downloads)

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This download collection covers the 100 fundamental Mittmaster Pad Drills. These are the drills I use at my students week in, week out. They are the core of the Mittmaster System. In order to understand the mittmaster system you need to be familiar with these drills. This set includes:

Download 1: Mittmaster Level 1 (The core drills of the Mittmaster System. Essential viewing)

  • Numbering system
  • Chaining Drills
  • Eight Boxing combinations
  • Integrating the uppercut
  • Double pad trigger drills
  • Punching variations (jab, cross, hook & upper cut)
  • Kicking variations (front, round, side)
  • Covers & Counters


Download 2: Mittmaster Level 2 (Intermediate pad drills working more on evasion, trapping and supplemental equipment)

  • Slipping punches
  • Sectoring
  • Pulling traps
  • Pushing traps
  • Wedging traps
  • Slipping and ripping
  • In and Out drills
  • Faking techniques
  • Kick Sectors
  • Belly Pad drills and combos


Download 3: Mittmaster Level 3 (Advanced pad drills for experienced pad holders and coaches)

  • Rhythm drill
  • Pad stalls
  • Baiting techniques
  • Compound trapping
  • 25 punch combination
  • Sectors 1-8
  • In the pocket
  • Close range boxing drills
  • Roundhouse kick series
  • And plenty more…



This collection includes a FREE 40 minute advanced pad seminar to download. On this seminar i teach many more advanced pad drills and combinations.


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