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Mittmaster MMA Pad Drills 1 (Video Download)

Mittmaster MMA Pad Drills 1 (Video Download)

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    MMA pad training is different than Boxing or Kickboxing pad training. The threat of takedowns, clinch and ground & pound means MMA padwork needs to be more complex than other pad styles. This video is designed to give you a solid set of fundamental pad skills so that you can train MMA students effecitvely on the pads. 

    The video covers:

    • MMA stance. Why the MMA stance is unique
    • Defending the Takedown. Basic methods to defend a takedown
    • Hand defence. Using the hands effectively in defence
    • Using the Whizzer. How to use this wrestling staple in MMA
    • Striking in the 50/50 Clinch. How to get shots off in the clinch
    • Dirty Boxing. MMA specific striking drills when up close
    • Ground and Pound Drills. How to hit hard on the ground
    • And lots more

    This video is perfect for coaches and students who are new to MMA and are looking to learn solid MMA striking fundamentals. Get it now.


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