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Mittmaster Muay Thai Clinch (Video Download)

Mittmaster Muay Thai Clinch (Video Download)

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    The Muay Thai clinch is one of the strongest striking positions in combat sports. It allow for powerful knees, cutting elbows and effortless throwing. If you do any type of combat clinching you need to know how to control the Muay Thai clinch. 

    This videos give you a complete education in this fascinating area.

    The video covers:

    • Entering into the clinch. How to enter without taking any shots
    • Getting the correct clinch stance. Securing a strong and stable stance once in the clinch
    • Hand & Head position for control. Where to place your hands for maximum effect
    • Off balancing. How to tip and trip an opponent off balance
    • Escaping the clinch. How to get out of this position if things go wrong
    • How to knee, elbow and kick in the clinch. Fundamentals of striking in this dominant position
    • Clinch tricks. Some sneaky moves I learnt from my Thai coach
    • Countering the clinch. How to counter whilst clinching
    • Combinations in the clinch. Smooth striking combos in the clinch

    This is the perfect video for new students to Muay Thai or MMA students / coaches looking to improve their clinching skills. 

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