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Mittmaster Muay Thai Collection (4 Video Downloads)

Mittmaster Muay Thai Collection (4 Video Downloads)

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Muay Thai is one of the most simple yet most powerful martial arts. It comprises of boxing, kicking and clinching (including knees & elbows). The Mittmaster Muay Thai Collection includes basic, intermediate and advanced thai pad drills suitable for beginners right through to pro fighters. 

Download 1: Mittmaster Muay Thai Drills 1

This video covers the basic thai pad drills required by all students of Muay Thai. It includes: 

  • How to hold the thai pads
  • Jab Cross series
  • 4 counts
  • Knee
  • Entry to the clinch
  • Spin back elbows
  • Catching the kicks
  • Kick escapes
  • Fish hook drill
  • 20 count conditioning drill

Here's a short promo of the drills on the video:


Download 2: Mittmaster Muay Thai Drills 2

This video focuses on intermediate and advanced thai pad drills and is great for coaches looking for drills to use in class or with clients. It includes:

  • Unique Muay Thai warm up drills i learnt in Thailand.
  • How to integrate the elbow with single punches and boxing combinations
  • A devastating combination that trains all your elbow attack angles
  • Three simple ways to defend against elbow strikes
  • How to use the round kick correctly depending on your target
  • The round kick series (which covers all the basic round kicks and defences in one drill)
  • My split fish hook drill
  • Shin check counters (useful for sparring classes)
  • New front kick counters and follow ups
  • And loads more thai pad magic

Here's a short promo:


Download 3: Mittmaster Muay Thai Clinch

The third video in the series focuses on the Muay Thai clinch. Thai fighters have some of the best clinching techniques in the world. Their understanding of balance, timing and control is amazing. This video covers core drills needed to dominate the Muay Thai clinch. It includes:

  • Entering into the clinch
  • Getting the correct clinch stance
  • Hand & Head position for control
  • Off balancing
  • Escaping the clinch
  • How to knee, elbow and kick in the clinch
  • Clinch tricks
  • Simple throw in the clinch
  • Countering the clinch
  • Combinations in the clinch

Here's a short video of some of the drills included in this download:


This collection includes a FREE bonus Muay Thai seminar download. This seminar includes many drills not included on the videos above. Its a great resource for coaches and fighters looking for extra drills to add to their training. 


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