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Mittmaster Muay Thai Pad Drills 1 (Video Download)

Mittmaster Muay Thai Pad Drills 1 (Video Download)

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    Muay Thai is generally considered the strongest striking art in martial arts. This is partly due to Muay Thai fighters brutal training regime, but its also due to the arts emphasis on simplicity and technique. This video covers the basics of this fantastic martial art with the emphasis on developing solid, powerful striking fundamentals. 

    This download covers:

    • How to hold the thai pads. The basic of safely holding the thai pads
    • Jab - Cross series. The basic striking structure of muay thai
    • 4 counts. Core kick & punch drills used in mua thai
    • Knee drills. How to use the muay thai knee correctly
    • Entry to the clinch. How to get to clinch range safely
    • Spin back elbows. Ways to land this powerful surprise attack
    • Catching the kicks. How to catch a kick and follow up quickly
    • Kick escapes. How to escape your leg if its caught
    • Fish hook drill. A basic power dominant striking drill
    • 20 count conditioning drill. A great thai pad conditioning drill that includes all your basic muay thai strikes. 

    This video is jam packed with great detail on how to hold the thai pads and develop great technique. Get you download today. 


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