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Mittmaster MMA Pad Drills 1 (Video Download)

Mittmaster MMA Pad Drills 1 (Video Download)

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Mittmaster MMA pad drills 1 covers technical pad drills that are unique to MMA. Because MMA is its own sport it also requires it own method of pad feeding. This video focuses on improving striking skills across the MMA spectrum: standing, clinching and on the ground.

The complete video includes:

  • Striking in the 50/50 clinch. How to strike powerfully whilst clinching
  • Takedowns from the 50/50. Ways to get simple low energy takedowns
  • Passing the open guard. How to get past the legs to strike
  • Ground & pound flow drill from the mount. A beautiful transition drill that includes strikes and controls
  • Up kicks & sweeps. How to kick someone from off your back with power and accuracy
  • Get ups from the floor. Safe ways to get up without getting punched in the face
  • Re shooting. Sometimes you don't get the first takedown, here's how to re shoot if needed
  • Using the kick shield in MMA. How to use this great tool to add intensity to MMA pad training
  • Using the Rosky MMA pads. A really cool improvement on regular pads for MMA drilling
  • Using the quest head for ground & pound. A great tool for passing and ground & pound
  • A 12 part MMA Transition drill.  My core MMA pad drill that covers multiple positions, strikes and movements. Required viewing for anyone who trains MMA

I think you will really enjoy this video… It contains so much valuable content for coaches and athletes alike. Get it today.


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