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Mittmaster MMA Throws & Takedowns 1 (Video Download)

Mittmaster MMA Throws & Takedowns 1 (Video Download)

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The takedowns in MMA are usaully based off wrestling or judo. However because you can get punches in the face during MMA you cant excute takedowns like you would in other sports. MMA specfic throws and takedowns require extra details not taught on the wrestling mat or judo dojo. This video aims to teach you how to intergrate you striking with your takeiodwns safely. 

The download covers: 

  • Setting up the single leg takedown. Simple ways to get in on a single leg without getting punched in the face
  • Double leg tackles. Powerful slams designed to take an opponent clean off thier feet
  • Head locks. How to use these school yard techniques correctely in MMA
  • Snap downs. An essential wrestling move thats very useful in MMA
  • Sweeping kicks. How to sweep someone off thier feet when you catch thier kick
  • Body locks. Simple Greco Roman wrestling moves
  • 50/50 takedowns. How to get a takedown from this neautral clinch position
  • Judo throws for MMA. Ways to use dyanmic Judo throws correctly in MMA
  • Esoteric throws. Some interesting throws from other systems

And more

This is a great video for anyone wanting to learn how to take someone down in MMA.

Order your download and start watching now. 


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