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Mittmaster MMA Throws & Takedowns 2 (Video Download)

Mittmaster MMA Throws & Takedowns 2 (Video Download)

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Building off Mittmaster MMA Throws & Takedowns 1 this video covers more advanced ways to get an opponent to the ground fast. The techniques in this video require more skill than the basic takedowns but we show you everything you need to know to start drilling and nailing these techniques in practice. 

The video includes:

  • Front headlock. A simple way to drag an opponent to the mat
  • Whizzers. Ways of defending the underhook
  • Kick catch escapes. How to escape your leg when it gets caught
  • Running takedowns. Ballistic takedowns designed to knock an opponent off their base
  • Leg picks. Ways to pick an ankle and get an easy takedown
  • Trapping to takedowns. How to integrate trapping and takedowns
  • Leg lock takedowns: Advanced techniques from the leg weave position

And lots more.

Get this video to add variety to your basic takedown skills. Great for any pro mma fighter or coach.


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