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Mittmaster Speed Drills (Video Download)

Mittmaster Speed Drills (Video Download)

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I spent most of yesterday filming Mittmaster Speed Drills with Professional Muay Thai Fighter Louis Aitken. He is one speedy dude. We covered a ton of drills to speed up your punches, kicks, footwork and importantly your pad holding skills.

This video includes:

  • Basic principles
  • Non-telegraphic motion
  • Independent motion
  • Tells that give you away
  • The Hammer Principle
  • Cheat Stepping
  • Triples
  • Speed combos 1-3
  • Pad slap speed drill
  • Retraction drill
  • In & Out Footwork drill
  • Interception drills
  • Rhythm drill
  • Switching drill

We had so much fun filming this video and were both dripping with sweat by the end. It was awesome

Learn how to increase the speed of your punches and kicks today. Get the download now... 


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