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Mittmaster Striking Sticks (Video Download)

Mittmaster Striking Sticks (Video Download)

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Mittmaster Striking Sticks Level 1

I don't know if you are like me but my elbows and shoulders often hurt after holding mitts. I guess its the years of holding for big, strong fighters who hit really hard.

Well, I've just found an alternative to pads called striking sticks. 

You can use these sticks to do everything you would normally do with pads but you DONT TAKE ANY IMPACT. 

Which means you can hold the sticks for longer and coach more students without burning out or getting injured. 

I have just filmed a new video on how to use Striking Sticks.

It includes

  • How to hold the striking sticks
  • The new improved design of striking sticks
  • Basic techniques
  • Striking combinations
  • Boxing combinations
  • Covers & counters
  • Head movement basics
  • Snap back series
  • Shoulder rolling
  • Scoop & counter
  • Trapping techniques
  • Footwork drills

And plenty more

Save your elbows and shoulders and get this video TODAY