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Mittmaster Superman Punch (Video Download)

Mittmaster Superman Punch (Video Download)

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The Superman punch has become a common technique in martial arts and MMA. However not many people are truly effective at throwing it and only a handful are aware of the variations and counters. 

This video is the first one available that focuses on this amazing technique.

The video details:

  • 3 ways to do the Superman. Why and when to use each variation
  • Setting up the Superman. The most important details so that it lands
  • Countering the Superman. Simple yet effective ways to counter a superman attack
  • Superman variations. Some very clever variations that are gauranteed to take an oppoent by suprise
  • Superman Follow ups. How to follow up smoothly after the punch lands
  • Superman Combinations. Flowing combinations that intergrate the superman punch
  • GSP Superman. GSP's famous lead superman punch
  • Lots more

A very useful video for those looking to master this most dynamic striking style.

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