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Mittmaster Muay Thai Pad Drills 2 (Video Download)

Mittmaster Muay Thai Pad Drills 2 (Video Download)

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The focus of this second thai pad video is on drills that build on strong fundamental skills whilst also learning how to counter strikes. This material is therefore best for intermediate/ advanced students and classes. Watch Muay Thai Pad drills 1 first if you are not familiar with holding thai pads.

Here's a breakdown of whats on the video: 

  • Warm ups. Unique Muay Thai warm up drills i learnt in Thailand.
  • Boxing & Elbows. How to integrate the elbow with single punches and boxing combinations
  • Elbow Blitz. A brutal elbow combination that trains all your elbow attack angles
  • Elbow Defence. Three simple ways to defend against elbow strikes
  • Round kick angles. How to use the round kick correctly depending on your target
  • The round kick series. A drill which covers all the basic round kicks and defences
  • Split fish hook drill. My infamous split fish hook drill
  • Shin check counters. How to block & counter quickly,useful for sparring classes)
  • Front kick counters. New front kick counters and follow ups
  • And loads more thai pad magic

This video is great for students and coaches who are experienced in Muay Thai. This video will add new techniques and variations to you basic toolbox. Get it today.


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