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Mittmaster Trapping Drills (Video Download)

Mittmaster Trapping Drills (Video Download)

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Trapping is a concept that is practiced in all martial arts including boxing, muay thai and mma. Anytime you move an opponents arms in order to create space you are trapping.

This video draws on various styles including JKD, Wing Chun, Muay Thai and MMA to show how trapping happens in all combat sports and how to apply basic techniques and principles to help you master this useful skill. 

This video covers: 

  • Push traps. How to push an arm out the way to strike
  • Pull traps. How to pull an arm out the way to strike
  • Wedge traps. How to wedge arms in place to strike
  • Pin traps. How to pin arms to off balance an opponent
  • Counter traps. Simple ways to counter basic traps
  • Thaiboxing traps. Trapping techniques taken from muay thai
  • Boxing traps. Traps commonly found in western boxing
  • Compound traps. How to combine two traps to maximum effect
  • MMA clinch traps. How to trap in the mma clinch
  • MMA ground traps. Ways to trap & strike when grappling

A comprehensive video on this little understood skill-set. Order your download today


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