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Mittmaster Unorthodox Attacks (Video Download)

Mittmaster Unorthodox Attacks (Video Download)

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Once basic skills are mastered and maximized its necessary to spice things up a little to make one unpredictable. This video focuses solely on un-orthodox techniques which are usually only performed by elite fighters. This video is a great introduction for those looking to add a little magic to their pad training. 

The video includes:

  • Bolo punch. A powerful technique from Filipino boxing
  • Swing hook. A defensive hook used to evade a charging opponent
  • The dart. A clever variation of a cross designed to move you away from counters
  • Chain punch. A blitz attack from Wing Chun.
  • Spin back fist. A high velocity spinning attack designed to knock someone out
  • Superman off wall. A new techniques recently developed in MMA
  • Step knee off wall. A new variation on a jump knee taken from MMA
  • Showtime kick. A dynamic round kick used off a cage wall
  • Low spin sweep. A sweeping technique taught in kung fu
  • Axe kick. A powerful vertical kick that is very surprising
  • Saenchai kick. Just magic....
  • and loads more

Get this video today if you need a dose of creativity and excitement in you pad training.

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