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Muay Thai Mega Bundle

Muay Thai Mega Bundle

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I love Muay Thai. 

It's one of the simplest and strongest martial arts.

I've trained Muay Thai for over 17 years and spent time in Thailand getting coaching from stadium champions with over 200 fights.

Over the last few years, I've been filming lots of Muay Thai videos so I thought I'd put them together in one mega bundle. 

Here's what you get in this massive Muay Thai collection:

DOWNLOAD 1: Mittmaster Muay Thai Pad Drills 1

The core Thai Pad drills I teach in the Mittmaster system.

  • How to hold the thai pads. The basics of safely holding the thai pads
  • Jab - Cross series. The fundamental striking structure of muay thai
  • 4 counts. Core kick & punch drills used in muay thai
  • Knee drills. How to use the muay thai knee correctly
  • Entry to the clinch. How to get to the clinch safely
  • Spin back elbows. Ways to land this powerful surprise attack
  • Catching the kicks. How to catch a kick and follow up quickly
  • Kick escapes. How to escape if your leg gets caught
  • Fish hook drill. A basic power dominant striking drill
  • 20 count conditioning drill. A great thai pad conditioning drill that includes all your basic muay thai strikes. 

DOWNLOAD 2: Mittmaster Muay Thai Pad Drills 2

Intermediate and advanced Thai Pad Drills

  • Warm ups. Unique muay thai warm up drills I learnt in Thailand.
  • Boxing & Elbows. How to integrate the elbow with single punches and boxing combinations
  • Elbow Blitz. A brutal elbow combination that trains all your elbow attack angles
  • Elbow Defence. Three simple ways to defend against elbow strikes
  • Round kick angles. How to use the round kick correctly depending on your target
  • The round kick series. A drill which covers all the basic round kicks and defences
  • Split fish hook drill. My infamous split fish hook drill
  • Shin check counters. How to block & counter quickly,(useful for sparring classes)
  • Front kick counters. New front kick counters and follow ups
  • And loads more thai pad magic

DOWNLOAD 3: Mittmaster Knees & Elbows

How to strike with devastating knees & elbows

  • Basic knee and elbow mechanics. How to strike powerfully with these sharp weapons
  • Knee and elbow combinations. How to combine knees & elbows for maximum effect
  • Countering boxing with knees and elbows. How to counter punches with knees and elbows
  • Elbow flow drill. A striking flow drill that covers all your angles of attack
  • Blocking knees & counter with the elbow. How to crush knees with your elbows
  • Blocking the elbow and counter with knee. And how to counter elbows with knees
  • MMA knees. Specific considerations for MMA knees
  • Clinch drills. How to clinch & knee
  • Using the “head”. A great tool for developing accuracy with your elbows

DOWNLOAD 4: Mittmaster Muay Thai Clinch

How to master one of the strongest positions in Muay Thai

  • Entering into the clinch. How to enter without taking any shots
  • Getting the correct clinch stance. Securing a strong and stable stance once in the clinch
  • Hand & Head position for control. Where to place your hands for maximum effect
  • Off balancing. How to tip and trip an opponent off balance
  • Escaping the clinch. How to get out of this position if things go wrong
  • How to knee, elbow and kick in the clinch. Fundamentals of striking in this dominant position
  • Clinch tricks. Some sneaky moves I learnt from my Thai coach Kru Yod
  • Countering the clinch. How to counter whilst clinching
  • Combinations in the clinch. Smooth striking combos in the clinch

DOWNLOAD 5: Mittmaster Punchbag Drills

This detailed video covers core bag drills for the:

  • 6ft Muay Thai bag
  • 5ft Boxing bag
  • Teardrop Muay Thai clinch bag
  • Top / Bottom speed bag
  • Free standing punchbag
  • Ground & Pound bag

This is a very comprehensive video that teaches over 50 punchbag drills you can use immediately. It's great for coaches and those looking to add variety to their punchbag sessions.

DOWNLOAD 6: Mittmaster Glove Drills

Adding Dutch style glove drills to your Muay Thai training

  • Glove Drill Warm Ups. Simple. effective drills that improve skill whilst gradually warming the body
  • Boxing Combos. How to use the gloves to drill boxing combos & defence
  • Jab Catch Drills. JKD based drills that focus on countering the jab effectively
  • Liver Series 1-3. Sweet combos that focus on smashing the opponent's liver
  • Shoulder Roll Flow Drill. A great drill based on the Mayweather shoulder roll
  • Kick Matrix. A complex kicking give and take drill
  • Corner Survival Drill. Vital defensive drills for when you get stuck in a corner. Learn how to not get knocked out

Plus you also get these FREE bonuses...

FREE BONUS 1: My 20 minute Muay Thai Seminar Video

A drill packed summary video of an advanced Muay Thai Seminar I held at my school 

FREE BONUS 2: A PDF with new 25 punchbag drills

A detailed PDF covering 25 extra drills you can do on a punchbag

FREE BONUS 3: Muay Thai Seminar with my coach

A copy of a seminar I filmed with my Muay Thai Coach Prathet, who has over 200 fights experience, (this video is worth the price alone in my opinion. Its is sixty minutes of elite Muay Thai training)

FREE BONUS 4: Me training in Thailand

A short video of me training in Thailand back in the day (many happy memories)

FREE BONUS 5: My Muay Thai Clinch Tips PDF

A PDF filled with my best tips for dominating the Muay Thai Clinch

As you can see this mega bundle is PACKED full of techniques, tips and drills that will elevate your Muay Thai game.

I've never offered this set before but now it's available to download instantly. 

This complete set would normally cost you £127 but you can get all of this for only £87 (or $115 for my American friends) for the next 48 HOURS ONLY.

Order the complete Muay Thai Mega Bundle now.: