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Sparring Success System Level 1 (Video & Two Manuals)

Sparring Success System Level 1 (Video & Two Manuals)

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We all know that sparring is one of the hardest skills to teach.

Either your students go too hard and you end up breaking up a street fight in your school...or they go too soft and play tag whilst running away from each other. It's very frustrating!

I've struggled for years to find the best way to introduce sparring to new students without scaring them off.

Well after ALOT of experimentation I've discovered a great new method that develops solid sparring skills quickly and safely.

I call it my Sparring Success System.

Heres whats covered in the video:

  • Sparring concepts
  • Non-contact shadow sparring
  • Ping Pong drills
  • Variety in attack
  • Variety in defence
  • Angles of attack
  • Footwork basics
  • Blocking techniques
  • Head movement drills
  • Setting up kicks
  • Defending kicks
  • Clinching
  • Faking
  • And lots more


The video also comes with two PDF manuals.

The first manual details how to develop sparring skills quickly and safely.

The second manual covers how to run a profitable sparring seminar for your students.